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My name is Vicky Short.  I’m passionate about all types of healing modalities, both physical and nonphysical.  I love bringing comfort and healing through energy and physical touch.

I have a book on Amazon called Persephone’s Journey which is a memoir of my psychic, paranormal, and out-of-body experiences and my journey to find answers about how and why these experiences happen.  I don’t think I’m a great writer, decent enough I guess, but I do think I’m great at being personal, honest, straightforward, and getting to the heart of things. 

I’m not afraid to live, honestly and fully, in my own right, especially having overcome trauma, pain, and fear yet still wanting to be here and see what else there is to experience.  There’s always room for more.  There’s always room for growth.

Life is a continuous journey, through physical death and beyond, and we must always choose to be consciously aware as we travel through it. 



Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that provides stress reduction and relaxation.  Treatment uses the universal life force energy to clear blockages, balance the body’s energy state, restore physical and emotional well-being, and promote healing.  As a Reiki practitioner, my intention is only that of healing.  I am not deciding, guiding, or controlling the healing energy as it does not come from me and my energy does not become depleted.  I’m merely intending, allowing, and facilitating Reiki energy to flow.

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What Happens During a Reiki Session

During a Reiki session you will lay fully clothed on a massage table.  For your optimal relaxation and experience there is no talking during a session unless of course you need something.  To enhance the effects of relaxation I use soft soothing music and a singing bowl, while applying light touch in a succession of hand positions directly on and above the body.  You may feel heat from my hands, experience deep relaxation and floating sensations, and may dream or experience extra-sensory perception.  Or you may simply rest or sleep.  It is a unique experience for each individual.

Intermixed with my Reiki routine I will do some cranial sacral massage, acupressure, and reflexology.

I use the meditation, prayer, Reiki symbols, beliefs, and principles as I’ve learned in my attunement and training.  I personally fully believe in these practices and principles as well as hold my own spiritual beliefs and intention in being of service to you in providing the healing you want and need for your highest good.  It is not necessary for you to hold beliefs, pray, or meditate during a session but if you prefer you may want to state your intention in your mind for healing as well as for spiritual guidance as what fits your own personal beliefs.

What I Do

My Reiki practice and technique involves mostly hands-on touching but with some non-touching hand placements.  Both hands-on and hands-off methods work on your energy field and provide the same benefit since it is energy movement, balance, and healing that’s taking place.  Standard protocol for hand positions and placements range from head to toe, avoid the private areas, with some incorporation of light acupressure.  I also work intuitively, providing additional treatment where needed.  If you prefer, I will give you feedback of what I sense but I do not provide medical diagnoses or treatment.

What You May Feel Emotionally And Physically 

Reiki is a pleasant experience and generally wouldn’t cause any discomfort but sometimes emotional feelings and release is common during treatment.  If at any time during treatment you wish to stop, just let me know.  If at any time you become physically uncomfortable or experience pain please let me know, but please also be aware that sometimes these are only nonphysical sensations and not actual physical pain.  This is because energy movement can release blockages of pain, stress, emotional feelings, memories, and toxins.  Part of the healing process is allowing these blockages to release and let go so the body can heal, and sometimes a period of “detox” is necessary.  It is important that you note any changes, both pleasant and unpleasant.  Drinking water, healthy eating, exercise, restful sleep, as well as positive thinking, feeling, and being are all important for genuine healing and change to occur and continue.

What You May Experience Nonphysically

Nonphysical experience is a common occurrence but typically isn’t something most people are aware of.  Shifts in awareness occur naturally throughout the day and aid in healthy living and healing.  Natural altered states of consciousness (without drug use) can range from creative thinking to daydreaming, and from focused attention to out-of-body experiences.

It is not uncommon to experience some form of altered state of consciousness during a Reiki session, the most common of which is the mind awake/body asleep phenomenon where mentally you feel naturally wide awake and aware of your body and surroundings but where you are actually physically asleep.  If you’ve ever heard yourself snoring, that’s what’s going on.  These altered states are natural, harmless, and often provide spiritual growth and awareness and may work toward opening your natural psychic abilities and intuition.  Even if you fall into a deep, relaxed sleep during a Reiki session you will still receive all the benefits it provides.


I feel it is important to mention that I have a strong background of belief and experience when it comes to the concept of energy, healing, and what lies beyond this physical existence.

I don’t have any special powers or ability, only the pure belief that we are all conscious, spiritual beings who are much more than our physical bodies.  It is up to us to choose and use our free will for good, to enhance our knowledge, understanding, and beliefs, and to live a spiritual life. 

Regardless of religious or spiritual upbringing, background, and beliefs, I believe we all have nonphysical helpers, guides, and teachers who always have our best interest in mind for our highest good and who are always with us, working, guiding, and protecting us from before our birth, throughout our lives, and after our physical death.  They are parts of our higher consciousness, they are our deceased loved ones, they are angels and archangels, they are ascended masters, and otherwise. 

I don’t have all the answers, and it is not about labels or dogma, but I believe it is each individual’s free will and right to believe, explore, and experience in his own way and in his own time that which is right and meant for him to have. 

I believe in being positive, loving, kind, and grateful. 

I believe in living with honesty, integrity, self-awareness, and accountability. 

I believe in seeking and achieving personal and spiritual growth. 

I believe in the power of pure unconditional love and experiencing that feeling whenever possible.

Vicky Short



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