This is a smoke-free residence.  I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, so if you smoke or smell of cigarette smoke I will not be able to work with you. 
Please understand that you will not be able to bring children or pets with you to your appointment.  I do not want to be responsible for what happens if they are running around inside or outside of my home.  I also request that you come alone since this is my residence and I don’t provide a waiting room.
You will need to remove your shoes when you enter.  Please have clean feet and/or socks.
Please turn off your cell phone when you arrive so that you won’t have any distractions during your treatment.


Wear loose, light, comfortable clothing.
For Shiatsu, it is recommended not eating within an hour before your appointment.


For emergencies, whether it’s me or you, notification should be made and as soon as possible, and we will reschedule your appointment.

For normal cancellation reasons, if you can’t make the appointment and want to reschedule please let me know at least 24-hour in advance and we will reschedule your appointment. 

If for any reason you decide to cancel and don’t want to reschedule, I will provide a refund if you cancel 24 hours or more in advance.

Cancellations the day of or no-shows will not receive a refund but I will be happy to reschedule you.  

Thank you for your consideration, and if you have any questions please call or email any time.


I am not a licensed medical professional, licensed healthcare professional, or a massage therapist.  I do not provide medical advice or diagnoses.

If you have a medical, physical, psychological, or pharmaceutical issue arise before your appointment that you believe may interfere with receiving my services, it is up to you to notify me before your appointment.  If you know of a pre-existing issue then please don’t schedule an appointment but you may consult with me and together we will figure out if my treatment is right for you.  And of course it's always a good idea to check with your doctor if you aren't sure. 

When you arrive I will have you sign a disclosure statement providing my name, address, contact information, services, and qualifications and certifications.  You will keep a copy of this as well.



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