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Eli was our big English Pointer. We found him in a puppy store terrified, scrawny, malnourished and cowering in the corner away from the other puppies. He was so little that it was hard to believe he’d grow as big as he did. I think because of how his life started he always remained mentally and emotionally stuck in puppyhood as that timid little thing not fighting or barking to get what he wanted but just quietly suffering, quietly communicating in his own way, hoping someone would notice.

When Eli stood on his hind legs he was as tall as I was at 5 feet 2. I don’t think he had a sense of how big of a dog he really was because he often wanted to curl up in my lap even though he was too big for me. Sometimes I’d compromise and just get down on the floor and cuddle with him.

When my marriage got so bad that my husband was often yelling, Eli began protecting me in his own quiet way. He could hear and sense me so upset, crying, my voice quivering, and he would come and put himself between us, then stand up and put his big front paws on my shoulders, literally blocking my husband from me.

When Eli wanted to be rubbed and loved up, he would just stand or sit in front of me and I could feel his energy presence wanting me to touch him and hold him and keep him close. He never said anything but I could feel his energy pulling me stronger and stronger until I just had to give in.

He knew any time I was sitting on the toilet and he would use it as an opportunity to pin me in to get what he wanted, scratched. He would come down the hall and poke his head in, see me there, then turn around and back in until his hind end bumped up to my leg. Then he’d just stand there and wait. I knew I was supposed to scratch his back end around his tail. He loved that. They had clipped him as a puppy and the little nub would waggle back and forth as I scratched.

One day Eli came into the bathroom head first. It was the only time he ever did it. I was sitting on the toilet when he poked his head in, saw me, walked straight in right up to me and tilted his head up and looked me right in the eyes. I bent down so we were nose to nose and I said, “Well hi there Eli, what do you want?”

Immediately after I said that I was not in my body anymore. I was standing in the kitchen at the dog’s eye level looking at an empty water dish. All I could think and feel was, “My water bowl is empty and I’m so thirsty. I want water so badly but my bowl is empty. It’s been empty all day and I’m so thirsty.”

If I had to put into words what I was feeling, that was it. Then boom, in an instant I was suddenly back in my body in the bathroom again and Eli was still gazing into my eyes.

For those few moments I had re-experienced what Eli had just done. He must have seen his empty bowl and came right in to tell me, in his own way. Somehow he had sent me that vision and it was so powerful that I felt, saw, and thought everything the dog had experienced.

I said to Eli, “Oh my goodness, your water bowl is empty and you want water! I’m so sorry honey! Let’s get you some water.” I wiped myself, pulled up my pants, washed and dried my hands, all while Eli just stood there. I said, “Come on Eli, let’s go check your bowl.” He followed me into the kitchen and I walked up to his water dish and sure enough, it was bone dry. I filled it to the brim and put it down, and Eli drank the entire thing.

I used to think how incredible it was for him to have expressed to me psychically that he needed water. But now at this phase in my life and my level of knowledge and experience I realize that it was actually normal for Eli to do what he did. What was incredible was that I was able to receive it the way that I did. I don’t know how Eli did it but he made sure that I knew he wanted water.

Animals naturally use energy for awareness and communication. It’s we humans who don’t consciously use this ability anymore. When Eli walked straight into the bathroom, it was his conscious intention to tell me he wanted water, in his own natural way.



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