• Vicky Short


January 2005

This is my daughter Abby. This photo was taken fourteen years ago. It’s priceless!

We had a tiny house back then, one level, 1100 square feet. It only took a minute to realize I didn’t know where she was. I finally found her in the laundry room. Hadn’t she heard me calling out for her? Knowing her, I’m sure she was ignoring me! When Abby sets her mind to something she lets nothing get in her way.

I grabbed my camera and got this shot, and then I remember getting, “Mom! Why’d you take my picture!!” Boy was she mad at me. But can you blame me? It’s not every day you find your 7-year-old meditating on top of the washing machine.

I showed her the photo the other day and she loves it, and she was proud to show it to her boyfriend. Yes, our little Abby, ascending to higher planes of consciousness at the tender age of 7 😊. (I guess that vindicates me for taking the photo right?)

Abby hasn’t been afraid of anything her whole life, at least not that I’m aware of. She’s headstrong, determined, motivated, creative, confident, generous, clever, talented, artistic, daring, direct, loving, giving, entertaining, and a natural leader. She’s a Leo. I couldn’t be more proud of her. I hope she truly knows how deeply I love her and how much I admire her for her personality, strength, and perseverance. She has all the natural qualities that I wish came so naturally to me.



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