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During my Reiki level I and II certification classes when we as classmates took turns practicing our Reiki routine and techniques on each other, we had some pretty incredible experiences sensing specific areas where there was pain and physical medical issues going on.

While I was working on a classmate, I sensed something going on with her left knee. I focused more Reiki healing on it than just the standard technique we had just learned in class, and I also did a special “scooping” technique to nonphysically pull out the bad energy/issue/pain.

When I finished the session we debriefed each other on our experiences. I told her what I’d felt and done with her left knee.

She was excited to tell me that that knee had been pretty bothersome for a while and she was amazed I picked up on it.

I was fortunate in being on the other end too. While another classmate was taking her turn practicing her Reiki routine on me, I felt her move my bracelet on my left wrist so she could work on my wrist, and I felt her touch exactly where the pain was. I hadn’t told anyone that the night before the class I placed intention and focused attention on that wrist for Reiki to go and work specifically on that area for pain.

I had no way of knowing if she was sensing that now or what, and it wasn’t until she finished and we debriefed that she told me she had sensed that I had pain there. She said she assumed it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I was so surprised! I told her it was actually De Quervain’s tenosynovitis and that I could feel she had honed in on the exact location.


My amazing classmates and me!



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