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As I was out watering the backyard gardens I began thinking that this is taking up my time, time in which I could be using to get some writing done or to meditate. And then I had to laugh because I realized, “I could be meditating right now while I’m watering. It could be called “watering the garden meditation”. Why not? So I watched the water spraying from the “Gentle Shower” setting, listened to the “shprshhh” sound it makes, watched the glistening, and waved my hand holding the hose to aid in the mesmerizing effects.

Shifting my focus to being meditative instead of just watering the garden, I noticed the sounds of the birds, could hear their individual calls. I could hear the squirrels too. I knew they were watching me from their hiding places in the trees, waiting for me to go back inside so they can come out and eat again, as if they don’t know that I’m the reason they get all their treats.

Tuning into the nature around me reminded me of an incident many years ago, a lesson I’d inadvertently learned. While feeding the squirrels and enjoying the bliss of happiness and nature one morning, somehow I had connected with nature on some level to the point of having a quite unbelievable interaction, whereby an invisible mass of energy literally with intention, whapped me on the head. Ironically, it was just the previous day in which a friend brought up this very topic…does nature have a consciousness…to which I promptly said no, I didn’t think so and I’d had no experience to tell me so. I believe everything has energy. But a consciousness? That idea had seemed a little too far-fetched for me.

And then the very next morning, the “whap” on the head by something I knew was there rustling in the tree right beside my head. My eyes saw nothing but I knew and felt that someone was looking right at me. I felt its intention and movement of flying toward me with force, causing me to duck and cover but not in enough time to avoid the lesson. To my eyes, or should I say to my current belief system, nothing was there, yet I had been hit with force by something invisible, which had left an extremely cold spot on the side of my head. It was truly the most bizarre and unexpected thing. I still have no idea what it actually was, but I’m now certain of one thing.

Nature does have a consciousness. We can become aware of it. Tap into it. Meet it at its level. Feel its awareness of us. Become a part of it. Share common ground. When you just stand still, just listening, just being, projecting your energy field out around you, you can sense and absorb nature’s consciousness, energy, and aura. So I stood there projecting my energy from a perspective of communication and communion I’m here with you.

A squirrel came down from his hiding spot and began eating. I couldn’t believe it. Had I made myself invisible? I continued watering, walking from one garden to the next, the hose dragging over the rocks causing the squirrel to stop and look my way as if he knew I was there but didn’t care. Had I blended so well, having camouflaged myself with the cover of conscious ambiguity?

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