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When I decided to get a Reiki certification I really didn’t know much about it.  I had no previous experience with it, had only heard and read a little about it.  But I felt drawn to it.  I needed to find something that I could do and use to fill my desire to do something with healing, and so Reiki seemed to encompass all my beliefs about energy and healing, a representation of my natural tendencies toward energy-giving and the ignition for my spiritual intentions and desires.  I’ve always been drawn to healing.  I’ve always known it as something available to all of us. 

Besides the meditation, prayer, history, intentions, and beliefs that go along with Reiki, I love working with my hands.  And touch is so important.  And I learned that Reiki isn’t about giving your energy or giving healing but is about accessing and facilitating the universe’s natural abundancy of life force that exists for all of us.  Reiki teaches us that restoration, balance, and healing is accessible, attainable, and natural, and it reminds us since energy exchange is always taking place that intention really is an incredible thing. 

I really love the history and teachings behind Reiki.  I never would have known and understood why I was so drawn to it if I hadn’t become certified. 

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